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Finding and Hiring the Best IT Developers without Breaking the Bank

So, how can you hire the best web or mobile app developer without spending a fortune?

Quincy Larson, a teacher at offers the following answer on*

Good developers are expensive. But you can find them and hire them without spending much money at all“.

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There are different ways you can find and attract talented developers to come on board with you. Let’s take a look.

Sponsor Hackathons

For just a few thousand dollars, you can introduce your company to a pool of developers, and get them to building projects with your APIs and SDKs.

Presenting Academic Papers at Conferences

If you already have a team of talented engineers, try to incentivize them to write academic papers. Presenting these papers at conferences can help your company attract new and talented developers.

Visit Student Competitions

Have you thought of hiring fresh college graduates? If yes, did you know that you can actually meet them at college demo days and entrepreneurship competitions? Give it a try! These aspiring developers are usually more ambitious than your average career fair participant.

Host Meetups

Tech-related meetup groups are constantly on the lookout for new venues to host their events. If you can provide the lunch, you’ll get a few minutes before the talk starts, allowing you to pitch your open vacancies to the participating developers.

As we can see, there are great strategies that can help you build social capital among developers that will gradually translate into interested applicants.

The Power of Niche Job Boards

If you are just looking for one developer, and you can’t afford to wait six months to build up the brand recognition needed to start attracting them, then you may want to consider posting on niche job boards.

General job boards such as had their heyday in the early 2000’s when they helped connect job seekers and employers on the Internet. Today, specialized job boards are starting to emerge. These niche job boards offer an inexpensive way of getting your company situated in front of tightly-targeted groups of developers. Not only do they offer you an opportunity to network with potential applicants, but they also help raise the profile of your company and the technologies you hire for.

If you know what you’re seeking, then there are various ways you can find and hire developers. Some will work faster than others.

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